Fall 2014 Company Update

September 16, 2014

The second quarter of 2014 has seen continued growth and improvement for Research Underwriters. We continue to invest in the future, adding new employees and systems that will allow us to better serve our clients. We have also gained access to additional markets, enabling us to provide you with the most comprehensive coverages at the most competitive rates.

Beginning in October 2014, Research Underwriters will be transitioning to a new cloud-based customer service platform. While we have always strived to provide the highest quality service, we have been plagued by server outages and system maintenance issues in the past. To avoid these issues from occurring in the future, we will be upgrading our systems and taking advantage of a new cloud-based product. This will allow us to move all customer data to secure data centers, meaning that our agents can access and service customer accounts at any time, from any location. Customers can be assured that their information will remain safe, secure, and private. This transition is designed with you, the customer, in mind, and exemplifies the many ways in which we are constantly improving our customer service efforts.

To effectively utilize this new system and better service accounts, we have also grown our customer service staff. While many companies seek to cut costs by reducing service positions, Research Underwriters is reaffirming its commitment to provide the best in customer service. With more knowledgable and professional customer service represatitives, our customers will experience faster response times and less waiting. We are currently training our staff on this new software, so please bear with us as we seek to improve our service.

In addition to these improvements in customer service, Research Underwriters continues to gain access to new markets. In the last quarter, we have partnered with the leading carriers on new programs and products to ensure that our customers are receiving the newest, most comprehensive coverages at the most competitive rates. We currently have access to the top markets in all areas of commercial insurance, and continue to strengthen our relationships with specialty insurers that serve the commercial transportation industry. Further, our ability to design and execute alternative risk solutions, including captive insurance companies and risk retention programs, has never been better.

Research Underwriters is as strong as ever, and with the forthcoming enhancements to our customer service division and growth in market access, we will continue to grow stronger. I thank all of our customers for their loyalty, and look forward to seeing you around.


Steve Friedberg, President 


Upcoming Conventions

  • TLPA Annual Convention (San Antonio, TX) October 15-19, 2014
  • 2014 Chauffeur Driven Trade Show & Conference (Atlantic City, NJ) November 2-5, 2014